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Dress Pants For
All Women
Size 0-18 In The
Fitlogic Power Of 3

It’s All About

Your Shape

SHAPE 1: High Hip Curve, Smaller Bottom,
and Slim or Medium Thighs
SHAPE 2: An Hourglass Shape with a Mid-Hip Curve
SHAPE 3: Smaller Waist, Abundant Bottom
& Larger Thighs

Year-round Fabric.
Easy To Wash And Wear Or Dry-clean.

3 Styles – Classic, Ankle And Crop.

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“I’ve studied over 60,000 women’s bodies to create this world patented fit system. My dream is to have many brands adopt Fitlogic into their clothing so you never have to try on pants again. My daughter Natasha created this pant as a simple solution to fit all shapes, sizes and heights so that you could get your size and shape”.

- Cricket Lee, Founder

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