Fitlogic Frequently Asked Questions

Fitlogic Frequently Asked Questions

The Little Black Pant is a slim fashion pant (not a skinny pant) offered in different styles. It has a side zip with a button closure to hold the zipper in place at the waist. The pants have a living waistband with added stretch from more comfort. The timeless design of the pants will be sure to be a staple in your closet and the best fitting pants you will ever own. Every style can take you from day-to-evening effortlessly and always fashionable.

No, there is no tight fitting girdle or body shaper needed to make them look nice. There is only 4% stretch, so they look professional for the office or elegant for a night out. The stretch provides comfort when sitting, bending, stair climbing, etc. Our introductory styles have very little stretch so that we can make sure we get your shape right before we offer you jeans and other pants with more stretch.

Please contact our fit customer service at or call the 800-number listed on the site.

In the near future we will be offering a new style and colors (June, 2018) on a membership site that we will lead you to. Our future is plus, true petite, jeans, tops, dresses and more.

Fitlogic is a universal sizing system so precise that once you learn your size and body shape numbers, you can purchase pants made with Fitlogic without ever having to try them on and get the same perfect fit every time. We assign a numbering system based on your body type. Fitlogic was developed based on evaluating tens of thousands of women and their body types and creating a formula that fits 95% of women.  The Fitlogic Fit finder helps determine your size and shape.  The pants are designed with a special cut to the contours of specific body types, and that's how the perfect fit is achieved. You may have to try on more than one pant to get your size and shape, but once you know it you don’t have to try on again except for style, fabric and other elements that make the pant work for your body and lifestyle. The Fitlogic vision is to have many designers adopt the Fitlogic system so that a lot of variety is available. By purchasing these pants, customers are making a statement to the clothing industry to support a re-standardization of how clothes are designed and made, so it's more customized to the individual customer like you.

Although we will eventually add plus, petite & other categories such as tops, presently the LBP is only available in missy short and tall sizes 0-18. Please note that Short and Tall are only available in the Classic Straight pant in BLACK.

The material is a high-quality twill. 72% polyester, 24% rayon and 4% spandex.

We recommend that you machine wash your pants in cold water with same colors only, and hang to dry and use low iron heat when necessary. You may also dry clean the pants.

No not at present in our introductory styles. We will be offering a front zip pant with pockets in the summer in various colors.

No not at present in our introductory styles.

Yes, there is a side tab and button underneath the zipper.

The Pants are made with the patented Fitlogic Fit system. Fitlogic is currently unavailable in stores and only available from Little Black Pant with Fitlogic through the website

Our pants are manufactured in the USA, Guatemala, China and Vietnam. All our factories are evaluated and regularly monitored to uphold our high standard of fair business practice, working conditions, fair wages, and humane treatment of workers. The Little Black Pants is proud to have its products made by factories that share our vision in fair treatment of workers and their safe environment.

There are 3 different body type shapes, depending on the answers you provide to the FIVE questions in the Fit Finder. That's what makes these pants have the look and feel of custom tailor made pants just for you.

Having applied the Fit Finder on over one-hundred thousand women, Fitlogic has identified that over 95% of women fall under one of 3 body types or shapes on the bottom, so by developing pants for each size and then each shape, almost any woman can find Fitlogic to fit better than any pants they've tried on off the rack. 15% of our customers have to try on more than one pair to get the perfect fit.

Yes, Fitlogic has identified top shapes and will offer them to you once you are in the system and the new products are available. There will be additional questions to identify your top shape.

When there are major changes in your body, such as surgery, childbirth or menopause, then we recommend that you go through the Fit finder again. But for the most part, your shape is your shape. The rule of thumb is that for every 10 to 12 pounds that you gain or lose, you go up or down a full size. So, for instance, if you lose 20 pounds, you would go down two sizes (or if you were a size 10.1, you will now be a 6.1). Or if you gain 12 pounds and you are 6.3, you would go up to an 8.3. It is that simple with Fitlogic.

You are a body type 1 if your waist is less defined and blends into the hips. Some women have a high hip curve and more of a bottom, but the base shape is the same. You typically gain weight first around your middle. Your hips may extend only slightly and your bottom is fairly flat instead of round. You may have previously worn a straight type of pant or believe you have more of a boyish figure. Your fullness is carried right under your waist and you may have a tummy. If you look in the mirror, you either have no waist or a very high hip curve under your waist about 4”. Your waist could be larger than your hips. Shape 1 women usually have trouble finding pants that fit because the pants off the rack are too tight in the waist and too full in the backside, legs and hips. Oftentimes, pants off the rack fit the waist but are excessively baggy in the rear and thigh. If you have those problems and that describes your body type, a Shape 1 with Fitlogic should solve your problems for a comfortable feel and perfect fit.

You are a body type 2 if your waist is noticeably smaller than your hips.  This is the classic hourglass shape. You carry fullness along the hip line and at the sides, back or both.  Your silhouette becomes smaller from the hips to the knees.  You typically gain weight all over, or in the hips right at the top of your legs.  Shape 2 women usually have trouble finding pants that fit because if the pants fit around the hips, the pants are usually about an inch too large in the waist.  If you have those problems and that describes your body type, a Shape 2 with Fitlogic should solve your problems for a comfortable feel and perfect fit.

You are a body type 3 if your waist is very small in comparison to your hips. You are the pear shape and you gain weight first in your lower bottom and upper thighs and upper arms. Most of your fullness is carried in your lower bottom and thighs. Your back might have a greater swayed arch, and your thighs are fuller or have a curve at the top of the font thigh area. Shape 3 women usually have trouble finding pants that fit because with pants that fit around the hips, the thigh area is usually too tight and the waist is more likely be too loose (about 3” and dips in the back). Shape 3 women find that their back waist is too low and the front waist is too high or loose, and most often times end up settling for pants that gap in the back which causes their underwear to be exposed when sitting. If you have those problems and that describes your body type, a Shape 3 with Fitlogic should solve your problems for a comfortable feel and perfect fit.

Yes, Fitlogic will not only improve the fit of your clothes, it will actually improve the way you feel about yourself. It's a refinement to the current sizing system and it adds the individual personalization to your body type for a more custom comfort, feel and tailor made fit. And the best part is that once you know your Fitlogic size and shape, it will fit you the same every time.

No, Fitlogic does not attempt to mask, restrict or hide what you are, it accentuates who you are by providing you with the right fit to bring out the best in you with proper fitting pants for your body. Once you have found your Fitlogic fit, it feels like it is tailor made just for you. It is not a legging or stretch driven pant.

Yes, in June we will be offering pink lavender, white, burgundy red, navy plus our staple grey, brown and black.

Due to popular demand we will be offering a front zip 5 pocket slim pant.

The Classic style is available with a 36" inseam.